Hospital Road, 06, Janakpurdham
Vision, Mission, Core Values, Objectives & Goal
To be the reliable healthcare institution that combines the finest in
medical treatment with strong ethical principles and a culture of care & compassion.

Next phase - “Prosper Health Care & Development” touching
millions of lives.
Deliver world-class healthcare at an affordable prices.

 Develop, apply, share & evaluate medical technology.

To take a responsibility building a proper health in the society & community.

To established environment of trust, honesty, mutual respect & ethics.
Core Values
Care & Compassion
Learn & Lead
Ethical Practices
Team work
Patient care
Objectives & Goals
Provide medical services with care, compassion and commitments.

Provide medical service with excellence “Keeping You Healthy”

Patient portal available for health information when we needed.

Support and develop community health & medical services.

The keywords of our health institution person-centered medicine, high quality healthcare, keeping the community healthy, excellent
health care- close to home.