Hospital Road, 06, Janakpurdham

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Treatment of Common illness

We addresses early detection of illness. We also care chronic long-term conditions like diabetes as well as several acute problems

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Second Medical Opinion

We believes in second medical opinion because it helps you to decide which treatment is better for your particular situation

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Monitoring Patient Conditions

At Physician Care Clinic, we monitor patient's physical and emotional response and adjust medications and treatments.

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Ravi Ranjan Pradhan treatment
Preventive Care

We help to detect or prevent serious diseases or medical problems before they can become major.

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Pradhan Health care
Patient's Wellness

At Physician Care Clinic, we anticipating and responding to patient's wellness related questions and concerns and also prescribed medications  and lifestyle alterations for their betterment.

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Clinical Experts

We are the team of clinical experts and apply scientific knowledge to diagnosis, treatment and compassionate care of patient's across the spectrum of health to major and minor health issues.

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