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Ravi Ranjan Pradhan, MD


Dear Friends

Welcome to Physician Care Clinic

“A compassionate humanitarian, dedicated to bringing world-class healthcare for people and community within the economic and geographic reach of thousands of patients’

All set to becomes a landmark in the field of medical care; with the opening we are providing best medical services in the Madhesh Province. We are proud of us that we are providing all kind of medical supports. We are delighted that we could fulfill health need of patients of Janakpur dham as well as other cities from Nepal.

We are keen interest in treating ill people and not only focusing on treatment of the diseases but give importance to proper health and development.

At our clinic we spend much of time working with the patients, analyzing data to diagnose health issues, provide treatment step by step for the proper health & wellness.

As a Chairman and Founder of Physician Care Clinic, I invite you all to go through our website and know more about our services and facilities. Your feedback always play a significant role for us.

For us, your opinion matters, every voice matters. And, yes, every life matters.

If u have any questions feel free to message us

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Hospital Road, 06, Janakpurdham
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